Campo Felice srl - Stazione di Sport Invernali

Skipass dei parchi | Skipass Stagionali 2019/2020

Season ticket Ordinary Buy on line (*) Third member of a family Buy on line (*)
ADULTS € 580.00 € 520.00
CHILDREN € 440.00 € 410.00
SENIORES € 510.00    
OVER 75 € 310.00    
SKI INSTRUCTOR € 480.00    


The season ticket of "Skipass dei Parchi" allows you to ski in three stations of Campo Felice - Ovindoli - Gran Sasso of Italy.


There is no refund on seasonal consortium even if a station on three remain closed for the entire season regardless of snow conditions.


General Sale Conditions


By purchasing a ski pass online or at the ticket office authorized the ski resort, you expressly agree to the terms of sale below. Upon revocation of ski passes you will necessarily present the receipt of payment and online documentation, proof: the age for Boys, Over 75, Senior, Child, through the identity card or health card; or status, for example: for the Students, a copy of the latest fees paid; for members of the Ski Club card Fisi, for those enrolled Cral the membership card, etc.

Sales conditions


Please notice that:



Are people born before 25.11.1954 (showing their date of birth producing an identity card).

Over 75

Are people born before 25.11.1944 (showing their date of birth producing an identity card).The card "over 75" must be activated on the first day of skiing at the resort by the holder of the ticket itself.

People having a fixed agreement

Fixed agreements are those subscribed with "CRAL", clubs, workman's clubs and so on, duly authorized beforehand and showing the card certifying the fixed agreement itself. The agreement is valid with the purchase of at least 25 passes.

University students

Are students regularly matriculated in 2019/20 (giving a copy both of the documents certifying their matriculation and of an identity card).

Members of Sci Club

Are people regularly joined "FISI" in 2019/20 (it is sufficient to show the copy of the remittance)

Ski Instructor

By presenting card legislation, valid, the National College of Ski Instructors (MOU).


Born after 24.11.2003 have a free season ticket, provided that at least one of their parents buys a season ticket. (Be advised that in this case the document showing the child's age should be produced such as the Fiscal Code)

Third member of a family

As it results from the certificate of family status (and to be handed over when you buy the season ticket): that is in chronological succession from the third member afterwards; for example, in a family composed of three people, "the third member" is intended to be the first-born and afterwards and then following the decreasing order of the dates of birth.

Boys U/13 Prov. AQ

Born after 24.11.2006.

Boys U/17 Prov. AQ

Born between 02.12.2002 and 23.11.2006.

Adults Prov. AQ

Reserved for residents in the municipalities of prov. Of Eagle, uninterruptedly from birth. It is necessary to exhibit the HISTORICAL certificate of residence issued by your municipality, except for those who have presented it last season. Self-certification is not accepted.

Loss of Season Ski pass

In the event of theft or loss of a Season Ski pass, it is necessary to make a statement to the company issuing the pass and to a competent authority (Police, Carabinieri) so the pass may be cancelled and blocked. The charge for cancellation, blocking and reissue of a new pass is € 30.00.



Ski Resort

Partenza Seggiovia Cisterna

Arrivo Campo Felice

Tappeto Coperto Campo Felice

Seggiovia Nibbio


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