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Ski Resort

The ski lifts guarantee with 9 chairlifts, 2 ski lifts, 3 carpets, 1 ropeway for a total capacity of 23,000 people per hour, practical and fast access to the slopes.

The skiing resort of Campo Felice is located in the middle of an area surrounded by mountains high more than two thousand metres and covered with snow for the most part of winter season. If by chance snow loses its way home, its most modern equipments of planned snowfall are ready to be activated, creating an excellent bottom and that “cloud of dust” that skiers like so much. In addition, there is a very modern complete automation system endowed with 250 tubes able to cover slopes with snow for over 35 kilometres.

Campo Felice

Its forefront technology assures the greatest production of snow, also at marginal temperatures, and the use of all cold hours. 40 thermic survey feelers are constantly in contact with a computer which arranges the working setting up of 250 tubes stationed along the runs when suitable conditions happen.
The water consumption of the completely autonomous facility is secured by two hoard lakes whose capacity is of 75 million litres made inside a natural catchment area at the beginning of the chair lift “Cisterna” and put in the car park in località Cerchiare.

Campo Felice is also children’s happiness: their fun is secured by the “Manovia Baby” as well as by the conveyer belts “Brecciara” and “Parco Giochi”. These facilities are on the right side of the chair lift “Campo Felice”. Their fun reaches the top with the “Snow Tubing” park, about 90 metres long, located by the run “Campo Scuola” and served by a conveyer belt.

Moreover, Campo Felice puts at its guests’ disposal a wide variety of services, both in the same place and in the Communes of its area: restaurants, meeting places, hotels as well as stores for shopping and for technical equipments. Campo Felice also has two of the most renowned and important Italian skiing schools. From any side you look at, Campo Felice has all the features to meet the requirements of those people who really cannot give up their “white passion”.


There are two large car-parks holding more than 3,000 cars on both access sides to Campo Felice.

The concept of hospitality is a real philosophy for Campo Felice. Thanks to the big availability of car-parks (respectively of 800 and 2,500 in addition to 70 bus-parks), reaching the skiing resort of Campo Felice will be quicker and easier... in few words, spending a beautiful day on our runs will be more pleasant and relaxing if without worries and troubles! And for your own safety, always remember to endow your means of transport with snow tyres.

Car-parks on the Campo Felice side


The resort name of Campo Felice was chosen because of the happiness of “snow sailors” at the end of the sixties.

It is in the middle of a wide shell, whose edges are represented by five mountains. All of them are high more than two thousand metres and are covered with snow from November to April. From one of these peaks, Monte Rotondo exactly, when days are clear, you can enjoy a striking view taking at one single glance the highest tops of Abruzzi: Gran Sasso, Sirente, Velino, Duchessa and Maiella.
These absolutely quiet places seemed to Mr. Aldo Jacovitti, Cavaliere del Lavoro, a worthy touristic increase in value for the development of the Altopiano delle Rocche. Easterly delimited by Monte Rotondo outline, that hollow set between the slopes of Nibbio and Serralunga seemed to his eyes of a mountain fan an ideal place for setting up a ski resort of an excellent quality. In Abruzzi great specialists were called for this purpose: the town-planner Jean Cognet (who carried out some of the most important French resorts of the so called “third generation”), the celebrated architects Moretti from Rome and Prof. Gardella from Milan, the twice downhill skiing world champion Emile Allais, Andrè Simond (the Sport Secretary of Chamrousse, Grenoble, during the Olympic Games in winter 1968), Captain Giuseppe Lamberti (at that time the Sport Secretary of Cervinia), Gigi Panei (the legendary Abruzzi alpine guide at Courmayeur), and Giuseppe Fabre (the General of the Alpine and the organizer of the Olympic Games in Rome, Tokio and Mexico City as well).
Thanks to the intuition of the so-called “Penne nere” and while he was approaching Rome by train, invited by Mr. Jacovitti, this celebrated General detects on a military map of the area the exact place where now the resort is. Such a crowd of technicians was in charge of studying an integrated winter resort in the mountain basin of Campo Felice. So, in addition to the facilities and the necessary infrastructures, the executive plan foresaw a living and a hotel area at the base of the snow-system, and excavating a tunnel below Serralunga for the connection between Motorway A24 and the Subequanan Valley.