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A Key Card has to be bought for all cards (both daily and hour cards). It costs Eur 2.00 and simplifies the way through the turnstiles since there is no need of obliteration. The Key Card belongs to the person who has bought it and can be used again upon a recharge at the ticket office of the resort. The owners of the season Key Card bought in the previous years can produce it to have it recharged without additional costs.

Moreover, the Key Card we sell can be used at all the skiing resorts (both Italian and European) having the same magnetic device.

Valid for the chair lift “Brecciara”
€ 10,00
One Way
Valid for the chair lift “Brecciara” or "Campo Felice"
€ 8,00
MOUNTAIN BIKE valid for the chair lift “Brecciara” Price
Daily Ski Pass € 27,00
Morning Ticket from 9.30 am to 13.30 pm € 24,00
Afternoon Ticket from 14.30 pm to 18.00 pm € 20,00
Seasonal Ski Passes Summer MTB € 220,00
2 Consecutive Days € 50,00